Tehran Transportation and Rail Industries Exhibition will be held from 28 to 31 September 2016 in Tehran, Iran. Tehran Transport and Rail Industries Exhibition is the largest international rail transport exhibition in the Middle East and is held with the presence of hundreds of large domestic and foreign companies. Informing about the latest achievements and technology of rail transportation industry and related industries, upgrading domestic production, export development, providing capabilities of Iranian companies, increasing production and exports, localization of railway industries and familiarizing railway manufacturers with the latest developments This industry in the world is one of the goals of holding the exhibition of transportation and railway industries of Iran.

Event Location:

Tehran International Exhibition


Chamran Highway, Tehran

In this exhibition, domestic companies will present the latest products, equipment, and services in the field of rail transport, as well as foreign rail transport companies from countries such as Germany, England, Switzerland, France, Italy, Turkey, China, Flanders, Bangladesh, Belgium, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Poland, Bulgaria, Sweden, will be present.