Safir Sanat Studio with more than 30 years of experience in the field of specialized manufacturing of rail models and is equipped with the latest technologies of model making and prototyping with laser cutting machines, CNC and 3D printers, as well as applying the latest knowledge in the world.

In Safir Sanat Studio, due to the presence of specialized forces and up-to-date workshops, the most accurate models can be made. In fact, these models are small examples of the real model. The management of Safir Sanat Art School is the responsibility of Mr. Ali Ekhtiyari. He is one of the experts in the railway company of the Islamic Republic of Iran. According to their experience in the field of replica making knowledge, they have implemented a specialized approach to designing and making replicas. He considers elegance, precision and specialized knowledge in the field of rail and wagon transportation as the key to the success of Safir Sanat Art School.


Ali Ekhtiyari
Ali EkhtiyariManager
Tayebe Sedaqat
Tayebe SedaqatAssistance
Peyman Ekhtiyari
Peyman EkhtiyariDesigner & Fabricator
Parisa Ekhtiyari
Parisa EkhtiyariDesigner & Fabricator
Parvaneh Ekhtiyari
Parvaneh EkhtiyariPhotographer

How we provide services and project steps

• Review the plan and understand the existing maps
• Determining the scale and determining the dimensions of the work
• Convert 2D drawings to smaller scalable drawings (initial modeling with 2D and 3D design software)
• Material selection
• Determining the level of detail based on scale (the smaller the scale model, the less detail is shown. The larger the scale, the more detail level is displayed)
• Cutting of designed parts (cutting with two-dimensional laser cutting machine, CNC, 3D printer, molding, etc.
• Assembling parts prepared by cutting and molding and preparing raw samples of the model
• Apply details and color